Thomas Company, Inc. has been engaged as a full-service Roofing & Waterproofing Contractor for the commercial and industrial market since 1920. We have successfully completed various construction projects including: colleges and universities, banks, hospitals, research labs, pharmaceuticals, retail dining & entertainment, casinos, water and sewage treatment plants, institutions/ government facilities, airports, commercial office buildings. Thomas Company is recognized as a leader in the roofing & waterproofing industries and is a company that recognizes that our biggest asset is our highly trained & dedicated team. We employ the most trained, skilled and experienced workforce in the industry. On numerous occasions, we have assisted the owners and their consultants in determining various alternatives on obtaining the most economical system to utilize on their construction projects. We feel we excel on project planning, coordination, scheduling and control to insure timely performance and completion of required contract work. We have the expertise, experience, bonding capacity, financial and technical resources to fulfill the most difficult project requirements. Our investment in plant and equipment makes it possible to complete our projects effectively and on time. We have the latest in 3D BIM – Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) capabilities to provide for any aspect of project scheduling and coordination in the design/build construction field.


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